Posted2 days ago
Giro Rosa - stage 9: Well, the tour ended with just 3 of us and some italian sausage. A complete contrast to what we had imagined - Obviously it would usually be pizza 🤷‍♀️

After going deep for our leaders in the first 7 stages it was a big change and tough on the legs to then ride hard for our own opportunities- Lucy did a great job being in the break for the last 2 stages.

I really enjoyed descending on my Scott-Addict and am happy to finish another Giro - sometimes that is an achievement in itself. Thanks for following and all the messages of support.

The team never gave up and I’m really grateful for all the effort, energy and laughs from our team that extends beyond the riders - the real hero’s. Thank you!

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Posted3 days ago
Giro Rosa - stage 8: Strange to race without our two leaders but it was fun to support Lucy on a day of opportunity for her. She gave it a big dig after Grace’s mammoth effort to bring her to the first group on the road in the strong cross winds. Proud of my tough team mates!

It was nice for me to experience riding at the front of the race all day with better legs than previous days - just in time for the last day 🤷‍♀️

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Posted4 days ago
Giro Rosa - stage 7: In the blink of an eye our Giro dreams are shattered as Vleuty and Spratty were involved in a crash. They managed to ride to the finish because they’re tough as nails but unfortunately can’t start today. Most important thing is they’re ‘okay’ and being well looked after but boy is sport cruel sometimes..

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Posted5 days ago
Giro Rosa - stage 6: It’s all fun and games until you hit 10 thousand potholes at 50 miles an hour 😯

The day went similar to stage 5 with some high pace on the final climbs to split the pelo, and Vos taking another sweet sprint victory, and Vleuty retaining her lead 💪

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Posted6 days ago
Torre del Greco
Giro Rosa - stage 5: Could have been one for the ‘big-dogs’ except the 16k berg didn’t think so. CCC were super strong and split the peloton. Unfortunately I was in the second group for the day, but my other strong teamies kept Vleuty safe to the line to retain the jersey 🎀

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Posted1 week ago
Giro Rosa - stage 4: The long one is done. 180k total with an impressive 2 rider break away to win - we did our best to control the time gap and finished up with Vleuty extending her lead on GC 🎀

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