Posted3 weeks ago
Happy to be back with the gang and excited for the year ahead 👊

Posted @withregram@mitchelton_scott Keeping our core 🇦🇺 group together (with Spratty too).
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No love in Madrid this year. The girls were so strong and raced to plan but it was a bad day for me and my legs. It happens and it sucks but I know I am in need of some proper rest now. 2020 has been my toughest year yet!

Thanks to all the staff, riders and sponsors for keeping this team and the dream alive. Also to all the fans, race organisers, and cycling stakeholders for keeping the sport alive in a time when other sports haven’t been so lucky.

I’d also like to thank my personal sponsors and supporters: @bontcycling @parklife_cc @parkbikes @charlessturtunisport @nswinstituteofsport @australiancyclingteam @cyclingaustralia @theais_ @mitchelton_scott @loanmarket.lanamoy
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Madrid, Spain
Hi 👋 The season is still going.. Today a 9.5km ITT for stage 2 of the Madrid Challenge, and yesterday a short but high speed road stage finishing with a hilltop sprint.

It’s been such a challenging season for everyone in different ways; each with our own battles whether you’re an athlete or not. But, the team is here, we feed off each others’ drive and enthusiasm, and after some top 10’s the last few days we are ready to give our last race day of the year a red hot crack!

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Posted1 month ago
De Panne, Belgium
Ended the classics campaign yesterday with a 4th in De Panne. The wind was strong and the speeds were high all 155km. It was so fun to ride the gutter together and split the field at one point, and I’m really happy I stuck to my plan and sort of almost pulled off the result we were after.

Obviously feel a knot in my gut to fall short in all 3 of the big chances I was given but maybe that’s fire in the belly for next year..?! It’s a tough game but have to look at the whole picture and realise all the things I’ve overcome to be in the mix again.

Although there’s one more race on my program next month, I’m taking a short break now - Reflecting on the year already I’m so thankful to my friends @tompetty89 @indiamclean1 @samderiter and Philly who got me through some of my hardest months to date. Thank you, legends. I would not be here without you 💕

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Flanders 2020. Loved racing with the strong @mitchelton_scott ladies - thank you for a fun and supportive day out.

Just as much mental energy as physical goes into this special race. The emotions were high after crossing the line in 5th - so close to that prestigious podium but actually super far. It hurts. My team mates @_g_brown and @annemiekvanvleuten were so impressive. What a day. We’ll be back.

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Group photo. Tired and weary faces of Flanders! Gracie’s last hoorah 😢 Gracie Elvin Amanda Spratt Annemiek van Vleuten Jessica Allen