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It feels so good to be able to donate my previous team kits and my own equipment from back in the day. Thanks @parkbikes for facilitating the give away. This community is everything. It was only 5 or 6 years ago that I was borrowing items and struggling to get to races myself. I didn’t grow up in a sporty family, or have a garage filled with spare wheels. I started road cycling at 24ish, I worked, studied, crashed and with 2ish years out I relied on the kindness of the people around me to try again at reaching my goals and defy the numerous odds that were against me. I wouldn’t be where I am, literally living out my dream without the helping hands of so many along the way whether that was a free undershirt, a job, loan of a helmet, a coaching sponsorship, a simple coffee and chat, or an actual bike to race on! So, although I’m still working hard at it, I owe it to you all, thank you so much, I hope I’m doing you proud, and these bits and pieces can make a difference.
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Posted @withrepost@parklife_cc In true @sar_roy style, she has donated a bunch of ex team kit to the club. If you are a junior, beginner or know someone who is thinking about starting riding & hasn't got any gear, send them in to @parkbikes!
Sarah is a proper legend & a huge asset for @mitchelton_scott
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Sometimes you do not have your sh!t together. Sometimes you completely forget your own conversations, but if @alan__tan is your strength coach everything is okay. You don’t even need a single piece of workout gear.
Unorganised and flustered, Al had some shoes and a shirt ready for me to borrow for my first session back in the ring. He embraced my hubbardness and even bought me a pre workout coffee! What a ledge. We tried some gym about 8 weeks ago and the body wasn’t ready but 2 sessions down this week, progress is here and we are looking forward to the gains to be made #baseline #weekonedone #recovery #letsgo #gymhubbard #nswis #nswinstituteofsport
Sarah Roy Mitchelton-Scott
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Legs feeling jolly after a massage with Sydney Elite Massage Therapy 👊
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Sydney Elite Massage Therapy
Whooo. Massage time 🤗
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Park Bikes@Sydney Olympic Park
The @parklife_cc Xmas ride yesterday was an awesome welcome into the club. It’s over 10 weeks now since the op and I’ve been given the all clear to train normally. Although I feel like a big ol’ slug out there it’s so great to be able to ride with so many friendly faces the last 2 weeks and build the hours up. Thanks to all those who have convinced me to ride with them, waited at the top of hills and then pretended at the coffee shop the ride was ‘no slower than usual’. It takes a village 😅🙌 #wewillgetthere #thankyou #recovery #rehablife #christmasjoy #santagavemenuttin @ Park Bikes@Sydney Olympic Park
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I’m extremely proud to now be a member of Parklife Cycling Club. Nash and the Park Bikes@Sydney Olympic Park fam have supported me from the very beginning. I even won my national criterium title in their jersey on a bike they loaned me 5 years ago. I’m super excited to return the sentiment for the rest of my career and beyond. Thank you for the warm welcome into the jungle 🌴