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Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I said I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.

I didn’t say that, it’s a quote a friend sent to me ages ago but I still love it. I haven’t chosen or experienced the most comfortable path, and sometimes the encouragement from others stops when you take risks that they wouldn’t. I think it is our choice to bite into the intimidating and often overwhelming world of challenges or potential greatness if you like. It’s good not to live timid and doubtful. We are meant to put ourselves at risk, and to evolve into the best that we can possibly be. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and make a difference in your world and others’ too. Let’s be happy and proud of our choices and our paths, and not judge others for theirs 💡

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Sydney, Australia
Racing is back in Sydney! Here are my top tips:
1. Make sure your bike is in good shape. I always take mine to Park Bikes, a leading shop in Sydney. They’re super welcoming with excellent knowledge, service, and also patience if you don’t know much about bikes (like me).
2. Sharpen those bike handling skills before lining up because let’s be honest, our pre-Covid skills are a distant memory. It won’t take long for them to come back but better dust the cobwebs off with a few race pace corners and track standing practice (for example) in a safe environment and not in a race environment for the first time back 👍

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It’s Plastic Free July, and boy am I proud to be associated with a brand that takes steps to reduce their waste. Specifically, Giordana has replaced previous clothing packaging with a biodegradable, compostable alternative. I don’t think we ought to focus on zero waste but rather aim to reduce waste where we can, and there are so many opportunities for individuals and businesses to do that. As they say; many hands make light work, and there’s no time like the present. Thank you, @giordanacycling

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Join @cam_cyclist and myself for The Meyer & Roy Group Ride as stage 3 (MTB) of SCOTT Week on @gozwift tomorrow (Sunday, 28th) at 5:30pm (AEST). Thanks to @bikeonscott we can pedal and chat on the Zwift companion app together for an hour. I’m looking forward to answering all your questions #scottweek #noshortcuts #scottbikes #jerseyunlock
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I think on a whole, us Australians have coped quite well
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I’ve stayed in 4 different homes the last 5 days and want to thank those for making it possible to maintain a quality level of training throughout this time. Or rather un-thank you because all of this training’s got me pretty pooped 🥵 #sydneythings #halp #cookin #noshortcuts #thanksteam @bontcycling @mitchelton_scott @giordanacycling @bikeonscott @garmincycling @syncrosbike @shimanoroad