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Akuna Bay every day!

What a place to get the work in. These ‘home’ roads have seen the best of me and the worst of me #bloodsweatandtears
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Delly Carr hit the nail on the head I reckon. “Athletes are more than just entertainment”
Sarah Roy Mitchelton-Scott
Delly Carr: Athletes Are Not Ok
Today should be day one of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Obviously, it’s not. We’re pretty bummed about it. As is Delly Carr and the subjects of his portrait seri...
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Big birthday love to my twin. Born just a short 5 years before me. I hope you never stop dressing exactly like me 😆 💕 @roysie_royser
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Let’s support those that support us - today is Amy’s Giving Day which marks 15 years since she was tragically taken while riding, and up to midnight your donation will be DOUBLED.

The cycling community is the best in the world, obviously. As riders we are so lucky to have the @amygillettfdn advocating for our safety on the roads we use every day. 100% of the funds go to the foundation and they are committed to achieving safe roads for all of us; young, old, beginners, commuters, and profies..

Link is available in my story or on the AGF bio. I donated $100 and very happy they will receive $200. If you know me, follow me, are related to me then make this your feel good deed for the month. We all want and deserve to get home safely. Thanks in advance, together we can make a difference 🙏

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If you want to have the strength to go hard you must also have the strength to go easy - Brad Stulberg

Stress is stimulus for growth. We need stress because without it we don’t adapt but it’s only beneficial if it’s in the right dose; you have capacity, resources, and support to absorb it; and if it’s followed by REST. Rest is where growth occurs.

So obviously the more cafe and bakery visits in your day the better 🤓

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My sister always makes me celebrate the small wins. She baked me this cute mini cake because I told her I did an all time PB in training 😅 Too funny. But she also sends me a postcard to Europe every time I make it on the podium which is cool and embarrassing because the team staff usually intercept the mail before it eventually reaches me. On top of that, she used to put 20 bucks in my account every successful race before I was on a wage to go for a vino and actually acknowledge the hard work and have some fun. Small things for small wins have made a big difference to me. My sister is a good egg ❤️ She’s also (Covid) unemployed so actually just bored @roysie_royser

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