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Sydney, Australia
It’s been just over a week back home. I got a bit too excited at first, I was too active and overcommitted to things I had to then back out of which isn’t cool but I really appreciate everyone’s understanding. My days have consisted of one outing (beach or gym with a cafe stop) and then hours with the legs up, usually featuring little people cuddles and laughs which has made my time out totally great. My brain can really only function at a 4 year old level right now so my company has been perfect! I’m super lucky with the amazing sunny days for beach walks and my second family for taking care of me. Although I’ve been sore and taken some steps back the last week not yet managing a 1hour walk, I’m getting my energy back and feeling really positive about everything 🥳 #recovery #slowbutsteady #forwardsandbackwards #rollercoaster #secondfamily #iliacarteryendofibrosis #surgeryrehab #prowalker @ Sydney, Australia
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The team announced my re-signing today. I’m very happy to be back again next year! Thank you to all those involved with @mitchelton_scott from the staff and their families to sponsors and our fans 🙏 It’s an absolute dream to be a part of this fam. I must also thank my home based team; my amazing coach, family and friends. Let the good times roll 👊
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What a family! We had a great few days with the entire crew at the #AISEuropeanTrainingCenter. Only happens once a year! Not a training camp but a time to relax on the couches and reflect on the year that was and plan for the year ahead. There is so much that goes in to the running of this team, and I’m really grateful and excited for next season. Thank you to all involved with @mitchelton_scott 🙏 #legends #bestteamever
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2 week update from my Compex couch: Just as I formed a routine in Holland it was time to leave for team camp in Italy. I survived the travel day thanks to a lovely American couple who carried my bags for me 🙏 It’s been fantastic to sleep in my own bed, and be reunited with the team and meet our new riders for next year. The energy and pain levels come and go but I am lucky to have incredibly supportive people around me. Not being able to get out for a jog like I normally would at the end of season is a battle for me but the Compex gives me something to look forward to and build a routine around each day. The intensity is going up so I feel I’m making some progress #Compex #rehab #surgery #iliacarteryendofibrosis #team #recovery #progress #letsgo #noshortcuts #thisismebald
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New goal: be fit enough to climb these trees again 😍 Just love them! Recovery is going well in Eindhoven, it’s a really cool city, a lot like Aus! This was the second stage and it’s nearly over, back to Italy tomorrow and will soon be on my way home, amongst the gum trees 🌱 #nature #treeclimbing #soulnourishing #recovery #iliacarteryendofibrosis #rehab #goals
Sarah Roy Mitchelton-Scott
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Máxima MC
Happy to have gotten through the first part and now be out of hospital. I was really well cared for by all the nurses at @maximamedischcentrum and am so thankful to my legend surgeon Dr Bender and his whole team! I found it fascinating to hear what they did to my arteries, veins, muscles and organs, and to meet so many other patients that came and went as I lingered for a week. There’s always going to be ups and downs with any recovery as you can see in the pics but I have the full support of @mitchelton_scott and the @australiancyclingteam and am extremely grateful to them as well my friends, family and coach for all the love! On to the next part #iliacarteryendofibrosis #vascularsurgery #iliacartery #injury #rehab #recovery #rehabilitation #letsgo #noshortcuts @ Máxima MC