Posted4 days ago
No such thing as bad weather.. Only bad clothing choice.. Get dressed, get on your bike and laugh at that freezing sideways rain! Yay to Aussie winter being on its way ❄️
#noshortcuts #bikeonscott Pic by @sarettacavallini back when we were in Belgium excited for the spring classics..
Posted1 week ago
“Self-care isn’t being selfish, it’s a public service. When you fill your own cup, you’ve got more to give to others”. We all know it but we don’t all do it - how are you gonna fill your cup then?!
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Posted3 weeks ago
Berowra Waters Ferry
Wash your bike then watch it rain. They’re the rules! 🙄 On that rainy note, it’s cold 🥶 So glad I brought my Giordana Ninja jacket (actual name; the Versa) back to Australia with me. When it gets a little toasty you can just unzip it. If you happen to cool down, at the cafe for example, you can just zip it back up, voila! Seriously the best all weather jacket on the planet! 😎
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Posted4 weeks ago
Hawkins Lookout
A beautiful bike against a beautiful view like a celebration for all my friends and team mates in Europe that are now allowed to venture outside. I can’t wait to see all of their photos full of joy 😁

#nature #outsideforthemind #stillalongwaytogo #whatabikethough @ Hawkins Lookout
Posted4 weeks ago
Sprung in the final 5 minutes of a 3 hour day racing myself in my @giordanacycling race suit 😆 I like to be aero for my evening high cadence Tacx sessions 💁‍♀️

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Sarah Roy Mitchelton-Scott
Posted1 month ago
10 years since I shaved my head for Leukaemia after losing a friend. 10 years since I chose cycling. What a nutso journey it’s been!

Thanks @lozzkitchen for the memory reminder - it was a fun day; you all rallied around me for the big shave. My hair was so long. Marv butchered it with some sort of giant metal cutters. We had Pip the rabbit Easter doll there for moral support. And this pic is just after we used a Venus razor with shaving cream to make sure I qualified as truly bald. The look on my face says a lot. Public appearances for those 6-12 months following were... character building to say the least; that curly, frizzy regrowth 🤦‍♀️ WOW, 10 years ago!