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I’m extremely proud to now be a member of Parklife Cycling Club. Nash and the Park Bikes@Sydney Olympic Park fam have supported me from the very beginning. I even won my national criterium title in their jersey on a bike they loaned me 5 years ago. I’m super excited to return the sentiment for the rest of my career and beyond. Thank you for the warm welcome into the jungle 🌴
Posted2 days ago
This is how I let my people know that everything was all gee about 20 minutes after I woke up from surgery. One of my actual fears going in was that I’d accidentally eat when obviously operations are around 12 hours fasted. There has been literally not one second that I’ve lost my appetite throughout this entire process. We can’t deny I love food, most cyclists do, it’s at least 99% of our completely unpredictable talking topics.. That, and what the food generally leads to 💩 My body shape has changed in the last 3 months as the exercise wound down, and I’m glad to have learned that there’s no need to further restrict yourself when there are already so many restrictions placed on you. So, I’m all for fuelling for healing and for the social fun and happiness that brings. If you’re recovering from something, I hope you are too 🍽 💪 #bekindtoyourself #bestrong #befun #foodforrecovery #especiallyproteins #loveyourbodyforwhatitallowsyoutodo #rehab #kebab
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Sydney, Australia
Feels good to be sweating it out again on the bike! 8 weeks post surgery and I’ve enjoyed 5 flat road rides after an intro week indoors. All is going well, I’m even slow enough for the coach to join me for a pedal! Just jokes, she’s always super fit. Seriously though, I am so slow, the road to fitness will start in a few weeks, and it’s gonna be ugly! #joy
#resultsstarthere #noshortcuts #bikeonscott #recovery #strongerlighterfaster #thatsformenotforbonts #muchworktodo #hellabigchallengeahead #halp @ Sydney, Australia
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Nearly 8 weeks post surgery. The main scar is healing nicely, the other one is going through a gross phase. I’ve had a spin on the trainer every day this week building from 15 minutes to 30. I average about 110 watts and sit up to reduce amount of time in flexion. We had a flare up early in the week where deep breaths and laughing became painful again after I lifted my foot off the ground 5 times while on my back in the gym, and did a 15 minute pool swim the same day. Times like those make me feel like I may as well be in a full body cast. It’s so easy to get frustrated with this ‘condition’ because I look fine, my scar looks fine, and I’m not wearing a sling or anything to suggest I’m limited. Since surgery, the rules have been reversed; I now have to stop when I feel pain. If I don’t, the deep internal stitches and scars tear. Someone once said to me, “injury is a very personal and lonely journey” injury is the same, and nobody can or will understand exactly what you’re going through. Even with the best support in the world, it’s up to me to be patient, trust the process, and appreciate what I can do because it could always be far worse! I can walk, I can drive, and I can cafe! Essentials covered. I’m not at all hating my time off the bike so don’t feel bad for me just look at the beauty that I get to enjoy every single day 🌻 I’m definitely making the most of this time and I hope if you’re going through something shitty that you can too, it’s up to us! #recoveryisneverlinear #trusttheprocess #yourenotalone #keepgoing #recovery #surgery #iliacarteryendofibrosis Also, freckles 💁‍♀️
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Looking forward to supporting the racing out at Dunc Gray next weekend. They told me there’d be food trucks 🏃‍♀️ #onmyway Hope to see you there!!!
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On Saturday one of my greatest friends got married, she means so much to me that I even straightened my hair for her special day. Of course it rained and my hair frizzled immediately but I’d do it again for you @_g_brown I am so happy for you, and honoured to celebrate with you and your very hilarious, and loving family, and friends! Why did I try hold the snake? 🐍 Also, I got to see my little twin, my nephew about to turn TWO 😯 Awesome weekend all round 💕 #lifeisgood