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Let’s support Give With Heart Day to fight against the sudden cardiac death of young Australians. All donations to @heartfoundationau will be quadrupled today!! That’s amazing! $50 = $200 ❤️ #maths

This week 3 young Australians may die from sudden cardiac death. Usually this occurs abruptly and without warning in someone who seems healthy. Can you imagine what it would feel like to lose someone so young in your life.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I donated today and I hope you do too 👉 hrt.how/givewithheart

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Well that was a pretty major anticlimax to my season. With the rain and crashes happening on perfectly straight roads I couldn’t get amongst the racing for fear of crashing. I’ve never raced with that mindset before but if I crashed and injured myself I might not heal up in time and be allowed in for the scheduled surgery. I’m sorry to my team but thankful for them at the same time 🐴 Nothing like a carousel ride to end your night!
I’m off to refocus for other things now but @mitchelton_scott have a number of races left so I’ll be cheering them on with you!
Race photos: @gettyimages
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Unfortunately because of my ‘broken artery’ I won’t be giving it my all on the stage 1 time trial of the WWT Madrid Challenge tonight which is part of the management of the injury before surgery in a few weeks. I am really happy to be here though, it’s always fun with the team and I love supporting them. Over the last months, under the guidance of the surgeon and my coach we have changed my road bike position to a more open hip angle, and my training planning, as well as my recovery strategies and daily postures to accomodate things without further damage in the short term. Although it might seem from the outside looking in that I am riding just fine, the reality is I’m not 100% and we can’t predict the mood of my legs but it was still the hardest decision of my career to step down from the worlds team. It was a collaborative decision and the best one for me and for the Aussie team 🦘

I can’t thank @mitchelton_scott enough for continuing to give me opportunities. Last one tomorrow in the road race; stage 2.

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Sad to see the announcements I won’t be racing at the world championships this year, it’s taken me a little while to process but this is my injury update: I have iliac artery endofibrosis which means the blood flow to my legs is restricted causing lack of power, lack of recovery, and a bit of pain. The only treatment option is surgery with about 2 months off the bike.

My race at the Holland Ladies Tour was ended as a precaution after some concussion symptoms but I’ve come away with no more than the usual bumps and bruises. It’s the ‘broken artery’ that’s taken me out of the world champs.

It’s been a long and difficult process to find why I haven’t been feeling myself over the years. I’ve been back and forth with doctors unable to explain the dead leg feeling. This year, the number of bad days on the bike were outweighing the number of good days, and because it’s rare to have symptoms in both legs I was lucky to be seen and tested for the condition.

No more checking if my tyres are flat as now I know I really do just have shitty legs!! It’s a relief to know what I’m up against because fighting the unknown was hard, and I’m pretty mentally and physically fried now. Thankfully I am surrounded by the best; my coach, my family, and my friends, all of whom I love so much, have been everything I’ve needed especially in the last few weeks; and I’m feeling incredibly supported by my team @mitchelton_scott and the @australiancyclingteam 🙏

I’m keen to share my experiences with this injury because I think some awareness could be helpful.

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So happy they saved my @garmin so I was able to upload all 41 minutes of my race to @trainingpeaks today 👍 Thanks for all the well wishes after the crash. I was really well looked after by the race doctor and paramedics. They assessed my concussion situation after some temporary hearing loss and nausea which meant I had to leave the tour. I’m sore and disappointed but it can always be worse, and I am thankful to the care provided and my team for not allowing me back on my bike. Head injuries are always worth a proper check. I hope all those involved in crashes today are doing okay and that the peloton calms down for the rest of the tour #bigfatdnf #couldbeworse #hollandladiestour #myheadisfine
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Is this not the best set up you’ve ever seen 😍