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Photo of the day 😜 #aussiesabroad
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The model life chose me.. #onetimeonly #giordana #excellentkit @ Gavirate
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Final gelato with my big sis today before she travels back to Australia. It’s been great having my own personal fan here lurking in the back ground in our Mitchelon-Scott tees, gonna miss the sister cheers! #chow #cha #ch #fluent
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Pamplona, Spain
Forgot to mention we were racing today. It’s been a quick turn around from the Giro, La Course, family holiday and back on tour. It was the very first edition of the Clasica Navarra UCI 1.2 in Spain, at 10am - not very Spanish.. The split in the field you can see in the first photo is because of the awesome lead out from the @mitchelton_scott girls. Nothing like being dropped off at 72km/h. We had a great team race, and I am so proud of the way we worked together and supported each other out there. Very grateful for the opportunity, the backing and guidance from all, especially DS Pedro - we got the win! #thepodiumpeoplearedressedintheirbullracingcostumes #spanishpeoplearefun #joyteam19 @ Pamplona, Spain
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It’s the end of Plastic Free July. I shared most of my thoughts (or those of others that I liked) in my stories that are still there on my front page. A month of choosing not to use single use plastics if I didn’t really need to opened my eyes to just how much plastic I was using and also how much is available to us, unnecessarily - wrapped bananas for example. I had become quite lazy, using plastic things for convenience. I love my reusable drink bottle now, avoiding plastic bottles to the point of dehydration! My favourite story would have to be my friend in Aus who inspired me to reduce my plastic use by taking her own reusable containers to the Butcher, her own bread bag to the bakery, and now makes her own yoghurt to avoid the plastic containers each week, as just a few examples. I also wrote to a company asking if they’d consider using different materials to reduce their plastic and was amazed at the positive response and actual changes they’ve made. I learned through others on Instagram the damage that plastic is doing to our environment. I love the outdoors, I love breathing fresh air, and I appreciate animals. It irks me to see fellow cyclists throwing their empty bottles to the trees, and their food wrappers on the ground. There are fans pushing and shoving to get those bottles - we can throw it to them. There are pockets in our jersey’s where the food came from - we can put it back in. With all this in mind I’m going to continue my reduction of plastic use as much as I can because I know my small individual reductions coupled with your small reductions and my friends and her friends and your friends we will end up with a big reduction and a happier land ☀️ #keepyourworldbeautiful #reducereuserecycle #climatecrisis #plasticawareness #wasteless
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Straight off the bike into the water #tenoutoften #lakelife #thisislivingbarry