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Sydney, Australia
It’s been just over a week back home. I got a bit too excited at first, I was too active and overcommitted to things I had to then back out of which isn’t cool but I really appreciate everyone’s understanding. My days have consisted of one outing (beach or gym with a cafe stop) and then hours with the legs up, usually featuring little people cuddles and laughs which has made my time out totally great. My brain can really only function at a 4 year old level right now so my company has been perfect! I’m super lucky with the amazing sunny days for beach walks and my second family for taking care of me. Although I’ve been sore and taken some steps back the last week not yet managing a 1hour walk, I’m getting my energy back and feeling really positive about everything 🥳 #recovery #slowbutsteady #forwardsandbackwards #rollercoaster #secondfamily #iliacarteryendofibrosis #surgeryrehab #prowalker @ Sydney, Australia